A cute picture, some motherly musings, and a cute story.

It is absolutely unbelievable how quickly children grow.
My son is closer to being one and a half than just one.  Before I know it, he is going to be almost two, which will quickly turn into being almost five and then almost ready to start school.  This fact gives me heart palpitations.  I clearly have issues.
The biggest issue I have with him growing at such a tremendous speed, is not the fact that he is growing in width and height, I find this actually kind of fun (especially considering how much effort I put into feeding this picky little bear). 
It is rather that I feel him growing apart from me.  When he was first born, he relied 100% on me.  I was his food supply.  Only my arms could comfort him and rock him to sleep.  He lived in me for 34 weeks, I was all he ever knew. 
Nowadays, with him gaining more and more autonomy by the second, he doesn’t need me as much.  It kind of breaks my heart.
Don’t get me wrong, I have soooooooooo much fun watching him grow and thrive.  His new discoveries and achievements amaze me every day.  It’s also pretty nice to get a break every now and then because he doesn’t require as much constant attention.  But at the same time, I look at this little boy who wants me to play cars with him 24/7, who is running around playing hide and seek with his cousins not missing a beat, and I want to cry because he is clearly no longer a baby.
I think every mom out there experiences this ridiculous, bittersweet, sappy, emotion.  When I start feeling especially melancholy, I make a conscious decision to enjoy every single second of my son’s childhood.  I need to stop getting so engrossed in my hectic life and stop to smell the roses.
In an attempt to do just that, I’ve been on a quest to take more pictures of our every day life.  I get really caught up with the settings on my DSLR and in trying to make something artistic that sometimes I forget to just be a mom and I end up skipping over just regular old mom shots.  Mom shots can be great too!
Here is one I took tonight as I was putting my sweet baby boy to bed.  The composition is horrible, I dislike the depth of field, but to me, this is an amazing picture of a memory I never want to forget.

Do you see that bear he is cuddling.  Well this is his special bear he sleeps with every night and there is a really cute story behind it.
My husband’s 10 year old brother gave this bear to Lex.  This kid has the absolute sweetest heart.  A couple of months ago, he decided that he was too old to have a bear and that he wanted Lex to love him now.  Now, this isn’t just any old bear, this is a bear that he absolutely treasured and held dear to his heart since he was about Lex’s age.  He told me that day, “But Mandi, if Lex decides he doesn’t want him anymore, it’s ok I can take him back.  Really…I won’t mind or have hurt feelings.  Just let me know, Ok.”  Every time we see him, he remembers to ask about his bear, and tells me the same thing.  When he comes over to our house, he likes to go upstairs and check on the bear in Lex’s crib.  It makes him so happy to see it in there.
I thought this was THE most darling thing ever, so I’ve really put an effort into teaching Lex to love this bear.  How special and adorable is it that his uncle loves him so much that he shared his most beloved toy.  Lex sleeps with it every night now, and I’m sure he will for some time to come.
I hope that I can teach my own son to be as selfless and loving as his young uncle.  It feels me with happiness to know that he has such a wonderful young man as a role model in his life.

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