Aaliyah’s fresh 48 session | Sacramento Newborn Photographer | Roseville, Ca

Here is a peek at a darling Fresh 48 newborn baby session I did for my dear friends at Kaiser Roseville hospital.

Baby Aaliyah was born with a full head of hair on the last day in Febuary, early in the morning after her mama labored long and hard.  I am happy to report that mom and baby are both doing amazing.

I absolutely love these types of sessions, and as a Sacramento area newborn photographer, I am getting to photograph them more and more as they grow in popularity.  A fresh 48 session is a special type of newborn portrait session that takes place at the hospital shortly after the baby’s birth.  This is in a similar genre to birth photography, but I do not capture the lengthy process of the labor and delivery- just a 20 min portrait session.  These sessions have been given the cute little name of “fresh 48” because they are meant to take place within the baby’s first 48 hours of life, when baby is still super fresh from the womb, so I can capture all of your baby’s tiny details.  This is also a great opportunity to have me capture your newly grown family’s very first family portrait in an intimate and extremely special setting.  I can’t help but look at these pictures and think with an achy heart that I would LOVE to have pictures of myself in the hospital after I gave birth.  However, I was feeling very self conscious and wouldn’t let anyone take my picture.  I very much so regret that now and would love to be able to have a picture of myself on one of the most amazing days of my life.  I know that this is a common fear among new moms, and I’m hear to spread the word that it is such a treasure to be able to appear in photographs.  When I do Fresh 48 or birth photography sessions I capture all the details and allow my clients to remember that special day forever.  These are memories that will be forever treasured by the parents and the babies alike, and I am equipped with the gear and the knowledge of flattering angles  so I can make anyone appear there very best in pictures.  In addition to not feeling their best, new moms have soooo many other tasks to handle after delivering a baby, and while they are staying in the hospital their first priority is not going to be taking pictures, even though there are so many amazing moments to be captured.  Furthermore, the lighting in hospital rooms is not the best, to say the least. Your every day iPhone shot will not be nearly as flattering or aesthetically pleasing as one taken with a nice camera that works well in low light conditions.  I mention this because when I was photographing my friend and when I showed her the back of the camera shot which I took of her and her family, she was amazed because it looked so much different than all of the selfies she had been taking.  A professional portrait photographer (like myself!) will know how to work with any lighting scenario and figure it out.  Even in a cramped and cluttered hospital room!
When I went to visit my friend Tanesha, I was so excited to snuggle her baby girl.    You may recognize Tanesha from my blog because I absolutely adore her and love photographing her family!
I recently captured her maternity portraits at the snow (it was amazing!!) and now I’m gearing up to capture Baby Aaliyah’s newborn portraits in a couple of days.

Congratulations again you guys!  Your baby girl is perfection!


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