Avalos Family Apple Orchard Mini Session | Sacramento Photographer | Apple Hill, Ca

Last week, I put together several fall mini sessions in a gorgeous apple orchard in Apple Hill.  I had a wonderful time working with families from around the Sacramento area and capturing memories for them in gorgeous scenery.
I will be coming back to Apple Hill in a couple of weeks.  So if you would like to book an apple orchard mini session in a couple of weeks, please reach out to me.  You can see details here:

My amazing husband Alex, assisted me during these mini sessions in Apple Hill and I could not have pulled it off without him!  Since it is fall, that means it is the busy time of the year for photographers like me.  I saw a quote the other day that said “October is to photographers what April is to accountants.”  And MAN is that the truth!!!  It feels awesome to have a packed schedule and I am SO THANKFUL for all the amazing Sacramento families that want me to take their family portraits during this gorgeous time of year.  However, being busy comes at a cost, and that means that I frequently miss out on family time.  It was so nice to get to hang out with my husband in Apple Hill during our mini sessions.  We take the opportunity to hang out together whenever we can, even if that means dragging him to work with me and making him do the heavy lifting for me.
This sweet family is from Sacramento, and was my first mini session of the day.  Their little guy is named Teddy.  He is 18 months old, and absolutely darling!  He was so sweet and listened to me very well.  He enjoyed picking up apples from the ground and collecting them for me.  We made a game out of it and he gave me tons of smiles which made me very happy.  18 months can be a challenging age to photograph, but Teddy was an absolute sweetheart and gave me no problems at all.  In addition to loving those great baby smiles, I’m a huge fan of this mom’s hair color.  I love the way her firey red pops against the green apple orchard.  What a great way to kick of fall mini sessions!

Thank you for meeting me in Apple Hill, Avalos Family! <3


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