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I had an absolutely lovely time taking newborn portraits of this sweet baby boy.  Here is a look at his set of newborn portraits that I captured in my Citrus Heights baby portrait studio on his 9th day of life.

Sweet little Avin was welcomed into the world by his mom and dad who absolutely adore him.  They are such a sweet family, and I really enjoyed getting to know them.  I learned that Avin’s mom has a sister that was pregnant at the same time as her and at that time she was due to have her baby at any moment.  I can only imaging that it would be so fun to be pregnant at the same time as your sister and have cousins so close in age!
I mentioned my awesome referral program to Avin’s mom, and asked her to pass my business card along to her sister.  Since her sister went ahead and booked a session for her own newborn baby, Avin’s mom earned some complimentary portraits, which they were very pleased about.
You can see Avin’s cousin’s newborn portraits here –

I have a wonderful referral program that many of my clients take advantage of.  To be eligible to receive a referral credit you must be a client that has fully booked & paid for a session or has had a previous session with me.  If you refer a client to me, I will make a note on your account and give you a $50 credit which you may use towards prints, digital downloads, or as a discount off your next session fee for the next session you book.  You can read more about my referral program here –

Baby Avin was an absolutely amazing model during his newborn portrait session and did every pose I asked him to do.  He was so cute and tiny and was nice and sleepy, just how I like them!

For this newborn session, I put together a timeless and classic set using neutral colors.  This baby’s parents did not have many specific preferences, and were willing to trust my styling, but they did ask me to do the infamous “froggy pose” with Avin.  This pose is definitely a challenge to pull off because it requires some very tricky posing.  Baby’s safety is always my priority! Every baby that comes to my studio is posed lovingly and a watchful eye and tending hand is never more than mere inches away so that the baby is kept perfectly safe.  In order to achieve this “head in hands” or “froggy” pose, you must know the secret to how to support the baby’s underdeveloped neck muscles, and do post processing work in Photoshop to add the smoke and mirrors that make it appear as if the baby can support himself.

Just wanted to say thanks again to Avin’s family for choosing me as their Sacramento newborn photographer.
It was an absolute delight to be able to document this special time for you guys, and I look forward to watching your darling little one grow and being there to document all the milestones for you! <3

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