Baby Ainsley {5 days new} | Sacramento Area Newborn Photographer | Roseville, Ca

Ainsley and her lovely family came to visit my newborn portrait studio in Citrus Heights, when it was only her fifth day of life.  As a Sacramento area newborn photographer, my advice to new moms is to  schedule your newborn session before your baby turns two weeks old.  I give this advice, because during that first week or so of a baby’s life they are more likely to sleep soundly and are more flexible than an older baby, (which makes for nicely posed newborn portraits).  Since Ainsley was only 5 days old here, she is on the younger side of the babies that I photograph, but being such a cute chubby thing – weighing almost 10 pounds, and having a full head of hair, it’s easy to mistake her for an older baby.  Thanks to her healthy size, her mom and dad got quite the arm workout when they had to cradle her in their arms and prop her up for family poses, but they agree with me that the end result was definitely worth it!  There is just something about a chubby baby that find so adorable.  She was loads of fun to pose on her tummy because she is so delectably squishy.  I am in love with all of her rolls!  She slept through her entire session and gave me tons snuggles.

Ainsley has an older brother that is quite the sweetheart as well.  This guy has a huge personality, and he kept me laughing the whole time I was taking his picture.  He is very excited to have become a big brother, and because a picture is worth a thousand words- just scroll down and take a look at the love he has in his eyes for his new sister.  The way he adores her melted my heart!

Ainsley’s mom saw a picture on my blog of a baby in a basket with a note that says “From God”.  She asked me to recreate this image for her and to dress Ainsley up like an angel.  She also requested colors that are sweet and feminine, so that is how I styled this set.



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