Baby David {15 days new} | Sacramento Area Newborn Photographer | Roseville, Ca

Two weeks ago,  this lovely family invited me into their home in Roseville, CA to photograph their newborn son, David, on his 15th day of life.  David’s dad is getting ready to go on deployment, so it was very important to this family to be able to take father-son portraits before he has to leave.  I was happy to make that happen.  Mom and Dad were interested in a “patriotic/Americana/military” theme, in honor of Dad’s carreer in the Army and upcoming deployment.  I asked Dad to put on his dress uniform and pose for me and also incorporated the American flag into these newborn portraits.  I love how it turned out!
In addition to to the patriotic setups, I also wanted to capture Dad and little David just interacting naturally.  I wanted the family to be able to look at these images of Dad caring for his newborn son while he is away working.  I was so happy to hear that this family was interested in having me come over to their home and capturing them in a relaxed setting, and I was absolutely thrilled when I walked inside and saw all of their beautiful home decor. Check out that GORGEOUS nursery!!!
I  love the intimate cozy feeling I get when I can shoot family portraits inside the family’s own home. It is so special to be able to document exactly what life looked like with a newborn.  I am able to pack up all my props and gear and setup a makeshift studio in the client’s living room.  Whether I am photographing newborns at my studio in Citrus Heights or at my clients’ homes around the Sacramento area, we will always need to stop to feed the baby.  Hungry babies tend to be grumpy and will not want to participate in pictures, so it is necessary to stop frequently to give the babies a snack.  When clients come to my studio they sit on my couch and feed the baby.  However, if I am able to go to their house, then I can have the families feed their baby in the nursery, bedroom, or living room and I will keep snapping away and capture some beautiful candid moments.  It’s always great to get a mix of posed shots and candid moments!
Little David is the sweetest little chunk.  This guy loves to eat and is sweet as can be and very mild tempered.  He posed for me like a champ and was nice and sleepy-just how I like them!


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