Baby Gianna {15 days new} | Sacramento Area Newborn Photographer | Citrus Heights, Ca

Here is a look at beautiful baby Gianna’s newborn portraits.
She was 15 days old when she came to visit my home studio located in Citrus Heights, Ca, and I had the most wonderful time with her.  She let me snuggle her, rock her, dress her up, and of course take her picture!

This little one is small but she is fierce.  She amazed me with how alert she was at such an early age.  She was so tiny and adorable.  I managed to capture several shots of her wide awake and making eye contact with my camera. I found her to be quite feisty and she had a very tough time staying asleep.  As long as she was held she was very happy and would sleep soundly.  However, as soon as I put her down, she would wake up every time.  So in order to create an environment where she would be OK with me posing her by herself, I had to wrap her up nice and cozy and crank the dial up on my space heater, making the room nice and toasty warm so that sweet little Gianna would feel comfortable, and I am happy to say that it worked very well.  It’s a rather odd feeling to be standing in a room heated to 90 degrees and looking at it decorated like a snow scene.  I may be laughing, but I absolutely adore this baby girl’s “snow-y” newborn portraits!

During our initial consultation, I learned that Gianna’s mom and dad love to go skiing, and that they share many happy memories together spending time on the slopes.  So of course I knew that I just had to put something together with skiis and snow.  They love the color red, they love spending time outdoors, and they were not interested in the traditional pink/ruffles/girlygirl/princess newborn setup that is typical.   So with that information I decided that I wanted to make a snow-y backdrop and asked the parents to bring along their ski gear.  I used mostly neutrals with a pop of the requested red and I think this came together just beautifully!


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