Baby Laurel {10 days new} | Sacramento Area Newborn Photographer | Sacramento, Ca

Here is a look at beautiful baby Laurel’s newborn portraits.  I had an absolutely wonderful time photographing this family!
Laurel was 10 days old when I came to her house to take her newborn portraits.  She was born weighing over 10 pounds and with a full head of dark thick hair, so it’s easy to mistake her for an older baby.  Her mom contacted me as soon as she was born and asked me to schedule their newborn session as soon as possible, because she wanted to capture those squishy poses, and with Laurel being on the bigger size, we knew that the window to capture her newborn poses was a short one, and I was happy to comply!  I also think it’s worth noting that Laurel’s mama is teeny tiny, which makes me chuckle to look at her BIG ten pound baby.  She is the sweetest woman, beautiful on the inside and out.  After mere days of giving birth, she looked amazing and already had a flat tummy.  Some women are just lucky like that!  🙂

Laurel is just so snuggly and precious!  She was not a fan at ALL of being naked, but as soon as I wrapped her up in a blanket, she was happy and a great model.  She was born into an amazing family.  Her dad is a firefighter, so I made sure to ask to borrow his helmet so I could pose the baby next to it.  Laurel also has three older siblings.  The kids did absolutely wonderful when I asked them to hold the baby, and they enjoyed having me take their pictures.  They listened to all of my direction and were so attentive to their baby sister.   The kids are all very excited to have her come join the family.  Especially Laurel’s big sister, Sky.  Sky was used to being the baby of the family, but now she is an amazing big sister.  I thought it was adorable how interested the kids were in the newborn photography process.  As a Sacramento area newborn photographer, one of the services that I offer is to pack up my mobile photograph studio and travel to my client’s homes and photograph them there.  My clients love being able to stay home.  If you are a mom, you’ll know exactly why!  It is incredibly challenging to get all packed up and out of the house with a brand new baby.  When I travel to client’s homes, I set up all my gear in my client’s living room, but this requires a couple of trips back and forth to my car and a bit of unpacking.  Laurel’s big siblings were very interested in what I was doing when they saw me setting up.  I was happy to explain the purpose of a reflector, and show them how I pose their baby sister on the beanbag.  When I was all done taking pictures, the kids wanted to help me pack up and carry out to the car.  They were sooo cute!

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