Baby Matthew {10 days new} | Sacramento Area Newborn Photographer | Roseville, Ca

I travelled to Baby Matthew’s home located in Roseville, CA so I could capture his newborn porrtaits and meet his very sweet family when he was just 10 days old.  This little guy was absolutely dreamy he was so cute.  He is a very good baby and was an excellent model for me.  His mom was interested in neutral colors, so I used lots of grey and cream colored fabrics to style his newborn portraits.  Fresh out of the womb, he was very flexible and he let me pose him every which way.  I had the best time snuggling him, dressing him up, posing him and photographing his family.

As a Sacramento area newborn photographer, I am always gathering props, trinkets, and pieces of fabric that would be nice additions to my prop stash.  I find most of my favorite treasures at antique stores and was happy to be able to use an antique wooden crate in Matthew’s newborn portrait session. Since it is the holiday season, I’ve had the opportunity to snag some really cute Christmas themed props for my newborn portrait work.  Matthew was born shortly before Christmas so I brought along some of my holiday themed props to his newborn session.  My favorite shot form this session was the one where I dressed him up like Santa.  I love the way that pose came together.  Matthew’s mom purchased that Santa outfit for his pictures, and I think it is too cute for words!

There is just something extra special about long awaited babies!  Matthew’s mom and dad have been waiting for quite some time for him to arrive and complete their family.  They told me that 2016 has been the best year ever for them since they were finally able to conceive their precious baby.  I was told that Matthew’s name means “gift from God”.  His parents named him this to show him how special he is.  When his mom told me their story, I just knew that I had to wrap this darling baby up like a Chrsitmas present sent straight from God!


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