Bubble Bath Fun – Sacramento Children and Family Photorapher

Yesterday, I had so much fun photographing this adorable baby girl. 
When her mama told me about how much she loves water, I jumped at the idea of using my bathtub set up.  I’m so happy at how these images came together!  Her little curls are just THE CUTEST!

Big shout out to my friend Tanesha for 1) making such an incredibly darling baby girl and 2) for helping me out with the session.  I couldn’t do it without you!  Thank you so much for everything!
Wiggly babies that just learned how to crawl are really slippery and like to flop around and put their faces under water, which is not good. But when you add water and bubble bath to the wiggly baby mixture they get even more slippery and it makes photo shoots slightly dangerous.  FYI

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