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I had an absolutely delightful time capturing portraits of this little darling for her very first birthday.  An entire year has past in the blink of an eye and Little Miss Chloe has turned one.  To celebrate, she dressed up like a little princess in a big pink tutu and posed for some cake smash portraits.

We met on a beautiful Sacramento evening at the State Capitol Park.  There were tons of people out at the park since it was a perfect evening to go for a walk.  Since it is fall, and it is the season to have your family portrait taken (in time to take advantage of the beautiful fall scenery and in time for those Christmas cards that will shortly be sent out) I saw several families and family photographers like myself, out and about at the park.  Almost everyone who walked by commented on how adorable my set was, and it made me feel like I was performing in front of an audience.  I had to agree with the bystanders, that teepee which I made is super cute!  I set up some shabby chic inspired props that included a vintage high chair, a sparkly “C” for “Chloe”, and a bouquet of pink and gold balloons under one of the huge gorgeous magnolia trees that you can find at Capitol Park.  I love shooting portraits here because of all the beautiful huge trees and the pretty lush gardens.  There is a reason why it’s so popular with local photographers.  I used a mix of natural light from the golden hour sunset and a bit of off camera flash for fill light and loved the way this turned out!

Miss Chloe was adorable for her pictures!  She is very timid and mild mannered.  She listened exactly to everything I told her, was so sweet, and didn’t try to run off once (Which is unnusual for toddlers!  Typically they are such a challenge to photograph!).  She was SUCH a good girl.  Throughout most of our session she was very serious, but as soon as her grandpa walked over with her little dog named Honeybee, Chloe lit up with the biggest smile.  She liked her cake very much, and ate it delicately without making much of a mess at all, like the little princess she is.  We ended up having to shmear some pink frosting on her face for dramatic effect.

Happy Birthday Chole!!!  I had a wonderful time meeting you and your family.  I hope you have a wonderful time at your birthday party.


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