Confetti and Baloon Explosion – Sacramento Portrait Photographer

Little Bear invited his best friend, Sofia over for a picture party.

For Bear’s second birthday, we had a farmer theme going on.  Cows and tractors were his favorite thing ever.  I took his two year portraits in Apple Hill at an apple farm, I made him (by request) a “cow cake”, and most of his presents were cow memorabilia.  Bear still likes cows and tractors, but what he REALLY likes this year is trucks.  He chatters on and on and on, all day long about trucks.  Back hoe!  Semi truck!  Tow truck!  Green tow truck!  Yellow tow truck!  You wouldn’t believe all the colors of the rainbow that trucks come in.  Bear could tell you all about it.

This year, we aren’t planning on doing anything really exciting, we’re saving that for in a couple years when he turns 5.  So no themes, no big parties, nothing extravagant.  I think we are just going to spend the day as a family and go somewhere fun.
I knew that I wanted to do something colorful for his portraits, so I decided to blow up a ton of balloons (THANK GOD for my husband’s air compressor) and make a fun backdrop.  I was shooting for easy and laid back, but this little project actually took quite a bit of effort.  When it was done, I called up my BFF and asked her to bring her daughter over so I could get a little more use out of that bad boy.  Sofia turned 5 on October 3rd so she needed birthday portraits too. It worked out great!

And then the real fun started:

Neither one of these kids had any idea what confetti was.  We told them to sit still and we would shoot off the confetti canon, and birthday magic would rain down.  These pictures speaks a thousand words.  They were both kind of scared at first, but once they saw the magic they had the best time ever.  Playing with confetti was seriously some of the most fun we have ever had.  Bear and Sofia both begged for more and more confetti, but unfortunately confetti cannons can only be fired once.  So both kids then begged and begged to get more confetti for their birthdays.
Do any of you readers have small children?  Confetti showers is such a fun activity!  I was thinking that this would be a great rainy day activity too.  We could make it rain confetti and I’m sure this would occupy us with giggles and fun for a whole afternoon.
And in case you were wondering, the confetti vacuums right up.  I let Bear go to town popping those balloons with a fork, and my living room was back to normal in about 15 minutes.

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