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Have I mentioned lately, how much I adore being a Sacramento area newborn photographer?  I truly have the most amazing job.  I photograph just about everything, and have had the opportunity to shoot a variety of styles of sessions over the past 6 years and have had so much fun doing it!

Back in September, we moved a couple of exits up 80 from Roseville to Citrus Heights, relocated the studio, and I made the decision to focus primarily on photographing babies and expecting moms.  I still photograph families, and the occasional wedding, and never plan to stop taking pictures or turn down a job that sounds interesting.  However, the art of baby photograph is truly where my heart is.  As a Sacramento area baby photographer, I get to snuggle brand new babies when I capture their newborn portraits and it is my most favorite thing EVER!  I always make sure to take a big deep breath inhaling that newborn smell every time before I give them back to mom!  I’m just crazy about babies. It makes me so happy to photograph these babies at the end of their first year and see how they have grown.  Once they are too big to snuggle during the newborn stage, I love watching them getting ready to enjoy their first taste of birthday cake during the studio cake smash sessions I’m always working on.

I also take great joy in designing my sets from concept to completion.  With every baby session, I set up a consultation and try to customize each session to reflect each individual family’s interests and preferences.
For this particular newborn session, my client mentioned to me that they are from Tonga and their Pacific Islander culture is very important to them.  This sweet baby’s mom asked me if it would be OK if she brought along a very special blanket and some of her own fabric with a bold black and white print.  I used her blanket as a backdrop and paired it with a dark wood floor so the bright primary colors would really pop, and I just LOVE how this came together!


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