Eileen and Her Girls Celebrate| Sacramento Area Portrait Photographer | Rocklin, Ca

I’ve photographed many cake smash sessions for baby’s first birthday, and I’ve photographed several military homecomings at the airport, but for this family session I kinda combined the two, and it was a first for me.  This was a very cool project!

I met this sweet family at Clover Valley Park in Rocklin a couple weeks ago, on a beautiful fall morning, for a one of a kind family portrait session.  Eileen is the wife of a soldier who is currently deployed, and the mama to these two beautiful little girls.  While her husband is away, Eileen and her daughters have temporarily moved here to Sacramento from Texas, to spend the deployment with her family while she waits for her husband to come home.  All four of them share birthdays right around the same time, so Eileen thought it would be fun to throw a birthday picnic for the occasion and have me take some photos to capture the memories for her husband.  We had so much fun being silly, walking around, and posing for pictures.  We ended the session with a birthday cake food fight.  It was amazing!
The doll that the girls are holding has a picture of their daddy’s face on it.  The girls refer to the doll as “Daddy” and it is the cutest thing ever!  They were so happy to be able to pose for pictures with their “Daddy Doll” and to “Bring Daddy along” to their photoshoot.  However, all three girls faces truly lit up when they were able to Facetime with their real daddy.  They got to show him their birthday cake, and show him a little bit about what we were doing.  It was very cool how technology allowed someone on the other side of the globe to attend their family’s family portrait session!
Thank you soooo much, girls for a wonderful session!

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