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My good friend Gigi had her first baby back in September.  I’ve photographed her several times throughout her pregnancy and I took Elijah’s newborn portraits in my studio when he was 4 days old
You can take a look at their past sessions HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.
I’ve been wanting to branch out into lifestyle photography for a while now.  When Gigi told me she was pregnant, I begged her to let me step into her home and photograph her family.  Gigi, being the best friend ever had no hesitation and eagerly agreed to model for me.  So when baby Eli was one month old, I took these images showing how beautiful life is with a newborn.
In case you were wondering, “lifestyle photography” means that the photographer is capturing life as it happens.  No matter what kind of session, I like to photograph this way – as a photo journalist.  I am not just taking pictures, I am capturing memories.
During a lifestyle session, instead of meeting at my studio or at an outdoor location, I typically meet my clients in their home.  While I do help arrange my subjects a bit, I’m mostly standing back, blending into the surroundings, and snapping candid snapshots.  It’s kind of like making a documentary.  I aim to freeze time for a second and create a lasting memory of life just as it was.
I especially love lifestyle photography for newborns because we all know that in a blink of an eye newborns morph into big kids!  Between sleep deprivation, all the trauma a mama’s body goes through, and the overwhelming pressure of caring for a new baby, it’s easy for all the precious moments that a newborn brings to get swept up in the chaos and turned into foggy memories.  How sweet is it to freeze some of that chaos for a minute and have an image to look back on.
Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good squishy newborn portrait!  And I mean, seriously, how precious is this!!
So if you are reading this and are feeling conflicted about what type of newborn session you would like to schedule, please know that in most cases I am ready and able to bring my backdrops and props to your home.
And with that thought, I give you a peek into the Steele’s life with a one month old baby:

So now I’m curious.  What do you reader think?  Which do you prefer?  Studio/posed or lifestyle?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

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