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Cake smash sessions are so much fun.  I love giving babies their first taste of birthday cake and watching them react to the sweetness they haven’t tasted before.  When I capture first birthday portraits I end the session by giving the baby an entire birthday cake and letting them eat it all by themselves.  We call this a cake smash session because the baby ends up making a big mess out of their birthday cake, I snap a bunch of adorable candid photos, and it makes for an amazing portrait and first birthday keepsake.  I love to capture the excitement and celebration of this huge milestone into a picture that I hope will be forever treasured by parents and babies alike.

I love working as a Sacramento area baby photographer!  I love working with children and babies and I photograph them at all sorts of locations around town, both indoor and outdoor.  Sometimes I will photograph babies with birthday cake at my studio located in Citrus Heights, CA, but I also set up cake smash sessions at outdoor locations around the Sacramento Area.  For this particular session, we met at Royer Park in Old Roseville.  My client was very interested in having an outdoor session, because she loves the look of natural light and the feel that beautiful Roseville’s scenery makes as a backdrop.  Scheduling outdoor sessions can be a challenge during these winter months, when the weather is unpredictable.  The Sacramento area has been experiencing tons of flooding and a tremendous amount of rain lately, so I’ve been doing most of my work in the studio.   This cake smash session had to be rescheduled due to it being rain, but once we were finally able to meet for our session, we had the most beautiful weather to work with.  It felt amazing to be outside after being cooped up indoors for so long.  The sunshine was glorious!

This adorable baby boy, named Gabriel, was a fantastic model.    He loved his birthday cake and was just as darling as can be.  My favorite shots are where Gabriel is coated in frosting.  It was adorable the way he enjoyed his cake and posed for the camera.

Happy Birthday Gabriel!


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