Happy Campers

Summer is officially over, and my family decided to celebrate the last warm days of 2012 by camping up in the mountains.  I was a little nervous about taking my 2 year old camping, but we had a wonderful time together!
I wish I had some brilliant tips to share with you all about camping with a toddler, but the only thing I can come up with is, EXPECT TO GET REALLY DIRTY, AND JUST ROLL WITH IT.  I didn’t really bring anything special, or do anything special with Bubba that we wouldn’t normally do for a regular old trip to the park.  Just the fun and excitement of playing in the great outdoors was plenty of entertainment for my 2 year old.  Within about 5 seconds of arriving at our camp site, I quickly realized that my son was going to get absolutely filthy dirty, and no amount of frantic baby wiping was going to help.  So I just relaxed, and let him roll around in the dirt, and he had the time of his life.
We can’t wait until next year so we can go again.

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