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It is soooo much fun to offer a baby some birthday cake during their first birthday portrait session.  We call this a cake smash session because the baby ends up making a big mess out of their birthday cake, I snap a bunch of adorable candid photos, and it makes for an amazing portrait and first birthday keepsake.  Every one of these sessions are always so much fun!  I love to capture the excitement and celebration of this huge milestone into a picture that I hope will be forever treasured by parents and babies alike.
As a Sacramento area baby photographer, I photograph babies and children at all sorts of locations around town.  Sometimes I will photograph babies with birthday cake at outdoor locations in the Sacramento area, but lately my studio cake smash sessions have been the more popular option with everyone.  I feel like it is just too chilly to take clients outside!  Thankfully, I have the ability to set up my mobile photography studio at a variety of spots like at my client’s homes or at my studio located in my home.  And for this particular cake smash session, I was extremely thankful to be shooting indoors!  I shot this session during one of the worst storms we’ve had in a long time.  The rain was pouring, the wind was blowing incredibly hard, and it was absolutely freezing.  Inside the studio, we were nice and warm and had a fabulous shoot.  The storm ended up knocking over a huge tree in the yard which took down a power line and left the whole neighborhood without power for 2.5 days!

This darling baby girl, Jasia was a fantastic model.  Her mom was interested in simple cream colored backdrop with monochromatic white balloons that way her rainbow colored tutu would really stand out.  I love the way the colors popped an that light colored backdrop and was thrilled with how these portraits came together.  My favorite shot is where the frosting colors ran together and created an interesting marble pattern.

Happy Birthday Jasia!


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