L Turns 3 – Sacramento Children’s Photographer

My son, Little Bear, is getting ready to celebrate his third birthday.  When I asked him how he wanted to celebrate this milestone, he only had one request.  He wants to eat sushi for dinner.  Well, that makes my life pretty easy.  I love this kid so much.

Bear is such an amazing son.  He is so full of life…and energy!  He brings so much laughter into our home.  He is always telling us jokes and saying the silliest things.  He constantly amazes me with his creativity and intelligence.  I love how his mind works, and his sheer individuality.  I am soooo BLESSED to have this little boy be my own.  Thank you, Lord!

 This last picture that I have to share with you is possibly my favorite photo ever.  I love his little cowlick.

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