LaVancha Family’s Fall Portraits at Folsom Lake – Sacramento Family Photographer

On a fantastic afternoon, I had the opportunity to meet the LaVancha family so I could capture their family portrait and take pictures of their kids.  We had a really great time together, and I am so thrilled with the way these pictures turned out.

I arranged for them to meet me at my current favorite spot for fall photos in the Sacramento area.  Located in Folsom, CA, I am SO IN LOVE with this trail that wraps around Folsom Lake and all of the gorgeous colors and interesting backdrops that it has to offer!  As a Sacramento family photographer, I try to keep my eyes peeled for good locations for photo shoots all the time.  When I have free time, my husband, son and I love to spend our time outdoors.  My boys are passionate fishermen and they are always hanging out at the lake or the river.  Over the years I’ve learned that fishing isn’t really my thing, but I do love tagging along with them because it gives me the time to go explore Northern California, and the Sacramento area has so many spectacular places to go visit!  My family and I love going on hikes together, especially around the gorgeous trails that line Folsom Lake, and I’m always finding new and exciting locations for photo shoots this way.  This is how I stumbled upon that gorgeous patch of red berries.  Lately, I’ve been having a great time bringing families here because red berries surrounded by green foliage just screams “Christmas” to me.  The weather was rather overcast and it had just rained the day before, so Folsom Lake looked especially lush and green and the flat lighting caused by all the clouds in the sky made the colors of this beautiful location really pop.  I added a bit of fill flash to create the look I was going for and I’m in love.

This family was tons of fun to photograph!  When working with young kids, it is always a challenge to wrangle everyone together and capture that one perfect image where everyone is looking at the camera with a smile on their face and their eyes open.  However, I always enjoy the challenge of working with children and the fun energy that crazy kiddos bring to sessions.  My day is especially great when I get to work with families like this one that tell me that they want their family portrayed in their pictures exactly like they are.  This mama shared with me that she loves candid photos and when her two year old was being a stinker, she asked me to keep shooting so I could capture her exactly how she was in this stage of her life.  So I put on my longest zoom lens, stood far back, and captured her kids just as they are – silly, energetic, beautiful, loving, and the perfectly unique individuals that they are.


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