Project 365 Week 5 – Food | Roseville, Ca

Yesterday was Superbowl.
This is kind of embarrassing, but I didn’t even know what teams were playing until we sat down and my cousin told me.  Alex and I don’t really follow sports…clearly, lol!  Despite my lack of football knowledge, I come from a long line of athletes, football players, and sports enthusiasts.  Every year we throw a big party, and invite them over to watch the game.  Football might not be our favorite past time, but cooking sure is!  My favorite part about the Superbowl is all the delicious food we make and we stuff our faces with.
My husband makes the most amazing tacos you will ever taste, and I thought they would be the perfect subject for this week’s blog post, since our theme this week is “food”.
Here’s a look at how he makes them:

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