Sleep Sweetly

Is there anything better than a sleeping baby?
YES!  A napping terrible two year old.  It’s an amazing thing to observe.  All it takes is a little nap to turn a whiny, chaotic, mess of a toddler into an innocent, sweet, and precious baby.
I love watching him sleep.  I love watching his chest rise and fall with the rhythmic deep breaths that sleep brings.  
As I watch him dream, I pray for him to grow up to be a man of integrity.  I pray that the Lord blesses him and keeps him healthy.  I pray that the Lord guides me to be a good mother and that He will help me instill in him the virtues that he needs to thrive.  I pray that all his dreams come true and I ask for the strength to make it all happen.
This is my daily ritual.  It only lasts a moment.  The rest of the sweet hour of nap time I try to accomplish some of my never ending chore list.  And before I know it, Little Bear is up and back to making messes and driving me crazy.


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