Soooooo behind!

Well, Christmas has come and gone.
Since the last time I have updated, my little boy learned how to run around the house and break things.  We’ve been having a ton of fun together, so I’ve really been neglecting my photography and blogging.
My Christmas tree is also still up and decorated.
I suck.

So, here are a whole bunch of pictures of things we’ve been doing.

Lex got a haircut

Lex was given several toy cars for Christmas.  His new favorite thing to do is to push them all over the house.  This particular car was his favorite present.  He is such a little boy now!

 We’ve been having so much fun going to the park.  The weather has been absolutely beautiful over here.  It’s been in the mid 60s and not a drop of rain.  Lex loves to run around and the park is a great way to get some of that energy out.

With Daddy

 With Mommy

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