Tanehsa’s Lifestyle Family Portraits at Grandma’s House – Sacramento, CA

I’ve had the opportunity to photograph my beautiful friend Tanesha and her darling daughter Miliana several times now, and this particular family portrait session was very special.  Tanesha’s mom is unfortunately getting ready to undergo some cancer treatments, and before she starts losing her hair, it was important that Tanesha, her sisters, grandmother and mom all get together and take some family portraits featuring their strong and beautiful mother.

During this week, it was stormy and awful outside, since we were working with a tight schedule, I was unable to wait out the weather, so I decided to bring the session indoors and use a studio set up and pose the family in a casual lifestyle session right in their living room.  (I CAN do that! FYI)  It worked out great.  I love the casual and super intimate vibe of these portraits.   I loved the idea of creating portraits that capture all the love and good times that happen around that couch at Grandma’s house, (Or Nonna’s house, as Miliana calls her grandmother).  Some of my best memories were made playing with my cousins at my grandma’s house.  There is a specific picture that my aunt took of me and my cousins baking cookies with my grandma that I just love.  Every time my cousin posts that picture on Throw Back Tuesday it brings the biggest smile to my face and instantly takes me back to my childhood.  Instead of baking cookies, I had Miliana make pizza with her Italian Nonna, and I just adore how these pictures came together!

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