Vann and Rhonda’s Vow Renewal – Sacramento Wedding Photographer

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to photograph the vow renewal/long awaited wedding of some close friends of my family and it was a really cool event to be a part of. 
The bride and groom are the parents of my mom’s close friend.  They were married 35 years ago in a quick ceremony in Vegas.
Over the years they have been very supportive, loving, and generous to my mom, our family, and basically everyone they know. During the wedding, there was a time where they opened up the mic to anyone who wanted to say something to the couple.  It was very inspiring to hear what their friends had to say about them.  I was blown away to hear from so many people that had been touched by this lovely couple.  It made me aspire to try to be the same kind of mom where all of the neighborhood kids want to hang out at our house, and be that kind of friend who is always willing to go over and beyond without ever asking for something in return. Not only is this couple amazing for all that they do, but I also look up to them for the fact that after 35 years they are still crazy about each other.

Their daughter, (my mom’s friend who I mentioned earlier) decided that this year she wanted to honor her parents and give them the big wedding they’ve always dreamed of having.  So with some help from her siblings, family, and friends, she pulled together an amazing day to celebrate her parents.

Rhonda brought along the original lace wedding dress she wore 35 years ago.  But for this ceremony and reception she wore a new dress.  In both dresses she looked absolutely radiant!

Thank you so much Brauning family for everything!  Congratulations on 35 years, and here’s to a lifetime together.

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